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Default Re: Boxing and Technology

So...I was trying to write some cheesy marketing blurp about the glove and I think I had an "a-ha" moment.

It is as Foggy says...

Originally Posted by foggy View Post
At the right price we would all be using it. Who doesnt want to know that their heart rate is at 160, and they are throwing 100 punches per round. And once you know that, you want to know with what what force, and speed (maybe).

You've then just set a benchmark for your next session.

Having technology that can take that kind of beating will be the tough thing. No?
It's about setting benchmarks for the next training session. For those who box entirely for fitness, perhaps the technique isn't as important, so this glove is ideal. For those who do box competitively, I can understand the skepticism because boxing isn't all about strength or the number of need the whole package of skill and strength, so this glove might not be as convincing.

Am I interpretting this correctly or am I still way off the mark?
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