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I do fully understand that you most likely have not seen a single match of Helenius's and you are just trolling here. You have made your opinion clear and you can just move on before you embarrass yourself even more.

I have seen most of Helenius's matches and seen him live in both amateur fights and professional bouts and in his professional career the Bydenko win is one of the least impressive ones. Helenius just beat up a much smaller cruiser-weight for two rounds to make him quit because of cut.

Liakhovic, Peter, Levin, Brewster, for example, are Heavy Weights on a totally different league/level than some Bydenko, who will never be nothing in pro boxing.

Don't bother to make another useless comment to this post since you obviously do not have a clue about what you are trying to talk about.

Good post
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