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Default Re: Robert Helenius...

Originally Posted by itsa huge ***** View Post
helenius has no chance against either k bro and i mean no chance..hey i dont mind guys being fans of his..but all he has is power and you need more than that to beat either thats all im saying..and wlads 1st 16 fights cannot be compared to roberts wlad was fighting nearly every month for the 1st 2 years of his carrer he was hardly going to be fighting decent opponents he was built up and over worked in my opinion at the begining hence why when he was stuck in with purrity he ****ed up big time...

He actually fought 24 times in his first 24 months as a pro. More than Povet***** has fought in over 6 years as a pro.

Also on a side note. At the same point in his pro career as Robbie is now (3 years, 3months) Wlad fought Wolfgramm (33rd FIGHT) then Bostice a month later (both decent tests). He then fought Barret and Byrd in the following few months. Not too bad.
Add his stellar Am career and there's no point trying to compare Robbie's current resume to Wlad's.

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