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Default Re: Favorite Fighters

Originally Posted by Iron Duke
Cause that **** was brutal.....yikes!
Crocop is only 32 though....Chuck is 37 and Couture is 44!
A.Silva is 31 and Franklin is Crocop really isn't exceptionally old, he says hes retiring after the next 4 fights (Congo included)
If he gets title shot he may reconsider.

I think GG is the real deal though...I think he will beat randy.
No doubt that GG is the real deal. I can never count Randy out because it's Randy, but on paper, I don't see any way he can beat Gabriel. Gonzaga is bigger, stronger and better on the ground. Couture didn't fare very well against big grapplers in the past.

As for the Cop, he is only 32, but he has a lot of mileage on him. He's been in some kickboxing wars, in a ton of MMA fights and has been brutally KOed twice. The guys above have been in far less fights over the course of their career and haven't taken kickboxing damage. Like they always say, boxing causes more head trauma than MMA because fighters can absorb more punishment.

I hope Cop comes back better than ever, but the fire looked to be gone last time. And if the fire is gone, I would rather see him go enjoy his family. I have nothing but respect for the guy.

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