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Default Re: You'd think Floyd would want to prove he is the best

Originally Posted by Fighting Pride View Post
LOL... he won't wonder about it the rest of his life. In his mind he's already greater than Pacquiao..... The jealousy might eat him up though. I don't remember an athlete so stricken with envy over another man's accomplishments they have to go on a campaign to discredit them. Hell, it's the same for FLoyd Sr with Freddie Roach........ These guys must be inbred or have something genetically wrong with them to behave like that. This is the fight game, they should know better than to act like *****es.
All men in sports fight win or lose to see if they have achieved to be the ultimate champion. ALI won some, lost some but he has tasted the canvas to become an all-time great. TYSON won and lost as well same with RJJ, HOP, Lennox, K Brothers, etc...

Pac has lost and won, it don't matter if you lost, the most important is how you get back up. Just because someone lost does not mean they are leftovers...the better man simply won.

That "0" thing PBF has in his mind??? It means nothing MArciano retired with a 49-0 record so he's above him. PPV king? Means nothing, 8 titles in different weights, now that's something.
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