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helenius is slow as **** (footwork), he has no footwork, he is lazy, his motivation has to be in question, he has great power, and good handspeed when he finishes guys, but his hand speed looks **** during the fight, jab is ****, chin looks good, ring iq looks not top class, bad corner (wegner tells everyone the same, hey my boy, think about your family, pride and so on.) helenius looks so good because of the matchmaking. he fought only slow brawlers who were past their prime and already completly destroyed by others. why do you think, sauerland is trying to not get him in the ring with a fast defense counter punch fighter? chambers and johnson will make a number on him.
he has potential, but then he has to get a new coach, work on his stamina and wait till the klitschkos are gone. if he fights wladimir in the next two years he will get picked apart and Koed late.

johnson and chambers imo will win a close decision or get robbed by sauerland

and haye would completely take him apart
Helenius, seems to be slow and the movement is predictable, but when there is a need, he moves very well.
His punch catalog is as diverse as young Wladimir Klitschko has, and he has a good chin, so he can use the entire ****nal, as opposed to Wladimir Klitschko.

Let's see who is his next opponent..i thing you will eat your word's!
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