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Default Re: How come no other boxer is afraid to meet Pac ??

Originally Posted by doylexxx View Post
why you talking about tests brah ?

why not just fight
The fact is you have to take tests anyway, Floyd just wants it random and blood tests included and how intent Manny is on not taking the test for two years just further substantiate the fact that he has something to hide, pacs defiant refusal to take a simple tweaked test that Mayweather and every other fighter at 140-154 is willing to take is just dumb on Manny's part, I myself think he is powering up and if I was Floyd I definitely wouldn't back down on the random testing, Manny has done everything he can to avoid the test...

So if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then its a mutha****in duck, Manny man up and take the test you steroid addicted *******, its not that serious to prove you are clean but its very serious if you don't take the test because you are not clean...
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