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Default Re: How come no other boxer is afraid to meet Pac ??

Originally Posted by doylexxx View Post
I dont care about tests cause Im a boxing fan

Marquez dont care either

nor Margarito

or dela hoya

etc etc
You're right and every fighter you have named would take the test to fight Floyd so your argument is bull**** because we can say the same for both why is the other afraid to fight the other when any other boxer will fight either with testing or not, Floyd doesn't need Manny he gets big money anyway, he doesn't care what you or I think about him being scared or all that other bull**** you're talking, this is a business to Floyd his career he's in it to make money and he can do that without Manny and vice versa, if they don't fight **** it why continue to cry about it, its been going on for years test or no fight, you act as if this news is new to you, if you want to see the fight so ****ing bad then you should lobby for Pac to take the ****ing test because Floyd isn't backing down from his position...
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