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Default Re: A neutral stance looking at Pac and Floyd

Originally Posted by mrjotatp4p View Post
No he did not bring it up later. He wanted that from the start and there is proof of that.
Again...that's still after the hatton fight. When floyd came back from retirement, pac-hatton literally started the next day. Not a single person mentioned PEDS...not even floyd....then boom, hatton gets KO in the 2nd and Sr. was obviously butthurt. The only way to rationalize it is used the drug alibi....Now Jr. finally find THE PERFECT alibi....there you go. I'll admit he can still school PED-up Pac, but his excuse went from "he is too small and a Morales leftover" to "he's no calling me out" and "a PED user." That's a sure sign of doubt.

I don't think Floyd is coward, he's just jealous, and a bit doubtful. The drug testing is his way of saying drop down on your knees and kiss my feet...pac doesn't one any of those.
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