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Default Re: Has a world level fighter ever gone into a fight thinking they'd lose?

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Barrera PAC 2... it was only survival in there for one man and not be humiliated.
A ridiculous shout. I expected nothing less from you, Doc.

Let's discount shot fighters. They'd no longer have been world level operators at the time of the fight.

yep I think Gatti knew what was going to happen

I think it was Brian Kenny doing a split screen interview between Floyd and Gatti before their fight. Anyways, Floyd was saying every and anything he wanted. Gatti just sat there with a passive look of acceptance in his eyes. It was a look of defeat.

I don't think it was in Gatti's nature to give it any verbal pre-fight. I watched an interview where he was adament that Floyd had never fought anyone who could punch like him. He certainly convinced me based on that interview alone that he expected to have a good chance at victory against Mayweather Jr.
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