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Default Re: Has a world level fighter ever gone into a fight thinking they'd lose?

Originally Posted by Vano-Irons View Post
I totally agree that he wasnt getting school by Ray as some make it out. But he didnt train (said so in his book anyway), and had to lose a huge amount of weight in the days leading up to it.

I'm probably being a little unfair. Duran is my favourite fighter of all time, but i dont think he fancied it that night
Yeah, Duran almost certainly did train ahead of the fight. Fighters, especially the great ones, always conjure up some reasoning for their shortcomings. Duran has probably convinced himself that he didn't train, but I find that incredibly hard to believe considering how much he hated Ray and how important the fight was on the grandscale. Could he have trained better? Perhaps, but that isn't the same as not training at all.
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