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Default Re: What are your 3 favourite punches ever thrown in the ring ?

my fav punch sets to watch for...

#1 Humberto Soto's "Meat Grinder" attack - when he catches an opponent on the ropes, if he's comfortable enuf, he'll lean to the left and start dropping an turned over, over-hand right with a varying left uppercut to head/ to body..... and repeat over and over. A very beautiful attack to see! Example - he does this at least twice vs Lorenzo in the 4th round, the first time overwhelming Lorenzo leading to a KD. The second flurry almost finished him and the ref went to wave him off... and the eventual **** disqual
his second opponent, and the last one from a distance, in this fan vid

#2 Mike Tyson's "Can-Opener" - the right bodyhook/headhook and right uppercut from the angle... still used today by select fighters. Im sure Cus D'Amato had pass that down to him...

#3 The good ol' "Doubling up with the Left" - left bodyhook, left head hook. Love to see fighters who has the confidence to pull this off...

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