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Originally Posted by Hook! View Post
I would ****ing love khan to knock the **** out of prescott!
Originally Posted by DDDUUDDDEE View Post
If Khan sticks to his plans to retire before his 30's (that's a big if though), I could see Prescott being one of his last ever fights (if he's still around by then). Y'know, to tie up some lose ends and all.
That's why I keep telling those people - who are accusing Khan of ducking Prescott - that Prescott is being saved for a time when Khan needs to fight him. Right now, he's doing really well and is on a collision course with the great Floyd Mayweather; a man who, in all likelihood, will end Khan's run of wins with ease. And when that happens, Khan will need something to fall back on to win back some support. That's when Prescott enters the picture. You've just got you butt kicked by Floyd? No biggie. The next fight will use the 'revenge' angle, and regain some of that respect if you win good.
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