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Default Re: Cus D'Amato's Style not used anymore?

Cus' secrets lie with Teddy Atlas, Kevin Rooney, and Mike Tyson. They need to pass it on, that style is Cus' legacy.

I learned the nuts and bolts of boxing, how to move, how to punch, how to block, then the 3 coaches would have a chat with us about our physical gifts, and what style we felt would best suit us, after gym hours we'd all stay and watch fight DVD's, pausing to note certain things, footmovements, feints etc. Then we'd work on such things, each guy fighting his own way, a style suited for him.

Alot of amatuers I see now here in the UK, fight a very basic style, and most fighters from the same gym, have all been taught one style, because trainers do not know anything different to show them.
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