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Default Re: Cus D'Amato's Style not used anymore?

Originally Posted by stormy View Post
The peek a boo style takes tremendous amounts of energy to do over 12 rounds. Tyson was best at it and the movement was fantastic for both offense and defense. Like everything,there is a use by date. after that things go into decline.

Check a early Mike Tyson fights.... the reaction speed w/ the bob & weave style was PHENOMENAL!
vs Michael Jack Johnson, 8th fight

the set-up for the first KD was amazing!

around 220lb, Mike Tyson was at his best. He was light, fast, and very explosive. After Don King purchased him, changed up some of the management, plus personal life probs, Mike Tyson's discipline to the high energy defense style went DOWNHILL..... He proffered a token defense but used his intimidating notoriety as defense.... Elites starting to mark him up and he looked more vulnerable and vulnerable....
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