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Default Re: Breaking down Floyd's weaknesses

Originally Posted by MetalLicker View Post
To the layman, he may not have any weaknesses. to an observant eye, he has them like everyone else. People want to know how Pac can beat Floyd, right? Here is it:

1. When Floyd gets hurt, he shells up and falls into the ropes. It's not even an opinion, it's a FACT. He instinctively falls into the ropes and stays on defense until the storm is over. Examples: When Corley stunned Mayweather. When Mosley hurt Mayweather twice in the 2nd round. When Ortiz hurt Mayweather with a right hook before the headbutt. He cannot fight his natural instinct and this is where he is inferior to JMM. Against Pac, this will be his downfall. If Pac hurts him, and Pac will hurt him at some point, Floyd is going to back peddle into the ropes like he normally does and Pac will continue to punish him and possible knock him down/out.
I don't see how this is a weakness? Mayweather is very, very good at weathering a storm, he is excellent at tying up his opponents offense if he is hurt. Again, weakness? No. It is smart. He gets his senses back and then fights back. If you wanted to point out a weakness of Mayweather's concerning the ropes, it is that he routinely, and willingly goes back in a straight line to the ropes when under attack.

2. Against a southpaw, a conventional fighter have a much harder time seeing punches coming and sometimes falls into punches he normally wouldn't see. They're also more open to the right hand because they're usually too busy looking for the straight left. Examples: Judah's KD of Mayweather and Ortiz's right hook that stunned Mayweather before the headbutt. Corley's straight left that stunned Mayweather.
Against Pacquiao, the southpaw stance is not the main thing to worry about. Southpaws are unorthodox, but Pacquiao is an unorthodox southpaw. Like I said, the southpaw stance is not the main threat to Mayweather, Pacquiao possesses other threats that Mayweather needs to worry the stance a factor? Yes, but not as much as some people seem to think.

3. The Philly shell is less effective against a southpaw. Against southpaws, Floyd's defense becomes more conventional, taking away many of it's strengths. Watch all his fights against southpaws and you'll see the he used the shoulder roll a lot less, he stands up a bit straighter and squares up a bit more. When a fighter rolls his shoulder to avoid a right hand from an orthodox fighter, he's changing angle and using his shoulder to take some steam off of the punch. If he tries that against a southpaw, the roll becomes more like a straight line backwards and there is no shoulder to block the punch. You know what they say, never go back in a straight line.
He used it now and again vs Ortiz, but I wouldn't advise him to use it against Pacquiao.

4. Floyd's defense is not as impeccable as it seems. He got hurt badly against Mosley. Pac didn't. He got stunned by Ortiz a couple times. He does get hit flush and when he does, he gets stunned. Factually speaking, he's gotten more hurt in the last 5 fights than Pac has, even though Pac has faced better competition overall. Does Floyd have a suspect chin? It's possible.
Boxers get hit, I don't really see that as a weakness. No boxer in history has avoided every punch.

He was hurt badly against Mosley, but he also took some pretty flush shots from him in the latter rounds.

Lets be honest, he wasn't stunned against Ortiz whatsoever. Going backwards in a straight line (like he always does) whilst rolling shots (Ortiz landed about 2 clean punches) does not make you stunned.

There you have it. You can either put your head in the sand or see that he has weaknesses. Some fighters has only been able to take advantage of it in spots, but none of them have all the tools to take it further. Can Pac? He has the tools to take advantages of those weaknesses. The only thing left is both names on a contract.
Every boxer has weaknesses. Can Pacquiao win? Yes.
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