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Default Re: Which Is More Fragile - Vitali's Glass Heart or Wlad's Glass Jaw?

Originally Posted by praetorianJJ View Post
I'll try just this once because you used to be halfway reasonable.

Wlad has a weak chin. Old news. He has learned to overcome it using technique. Is that nor more impressive than having an iron chin?He should also be given credit for getting off the floor multiple times to beat Peter. Credit that will probably not be coming from the likes of you.

Vitali quit against Byrd. I won't go onto circumstances with you because a known hater will surely not be swayed. In his Lewis fight, he would not quit even though he looked as if he had been visually inspecting an IED when it detonated. What further proof do you need?
I stopped with the Vitali quit talk post Lewis but then he proved himself to be a hypocrite against Solis where he disgracefully shouted him down for being injured and being unable to continue.
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