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Default Re: If you were a proffesional Boxer?

Originally Posted by JohnAnthony View Post
yeh i think i'm assuming you're one of the top people in the game. You've already good money then your faced with a couple of options like:
A: You can Fight Chavez Junior in Mexico, earn a ton of Money, but get no recognition.

or B: you can fight someone like Martinez - you don't earn as much money, but winning would give you massive respect and enhace your legacy.
It's a ****ing good question, and I'll assume the majority will say they will go for the legacy building bout...even if they have never stepped foot in the ring.

From my boxing experience, I never turned down a fight/spar, I will go on that basis and say IF I was one of the top guys in the sport, I would have the confidence to step in with the top guy in Martinez.

Whole different story when you actually have to consider stepping in with him for real though.
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