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Default Re: If you were a proffesional Boxer?

Originally Posted by JohnAnthony View Post
yeh i think i'm assuming you're one of the top people in the game. You've already good money then your faced with a couple of options like:
A: You can Fight Chavez Junior in Mexico, earn a ton of Money, but get no recognition.

or B: you can fight someone like Martinez - you don't earn as much money, but winning would give you massive respect and enhace your legacy.
You are only popular and able to get big purses if:

A: You are dominant

B: You have an interesting personality/background

C: You have a gimmick

So, to being offered big money, you have to take some tough fights occasionally.

Maybe a resume like:

Win National Amateurs & Golden Gloves

Qualify for Olympics, win a medal of some kind

Turn pro, fight easy opposition in 10 fights to figure out the game

Step up the game using easier opponents 2/3 of the time

Win a National (British, Mexican, USBA, etc)

Get on Friday Night Fights and defend title 3 times against mandatories

Move up to regional title level fights, journeymen on the way to a Euro or North America title.

At this point, you have to step it up to get noticed. Maybe 50% of fights are difficult or at least competitive opponents. Rest are tune up/stay busy.

Get on Boxing After Dark and win regional title, defend on the way to WBA paper title or Intercontinental belt from IBF or WBC.

3 or 4 fights against names from the top 20 in rankings and inch your way into the top 10

At this point, its showtime, but you have to milk it for as long as possible. 1 big fight a year, 1 tune up fight a year, 1 stay busy fight a year, constant training.
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