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Default Re: Boxing and Technology

Originally Posted by norfolkinchance View Post
i think an aspect that no one has mentioned yet is the feedback element. to improve at something you need good feedback to make adjustments.

so i think the biggest use for it would be with making subtle adjustment to technique and then seeing how it makes a difference to the power. over time lotd of little adjust,ments could make a difference to the power. it would need a good coach watching tho to ensure good technique was being followed.

hope that makes sense
That's absolutely a great point. I don't think the product could ever be marketed by itself or ever replaced by a really good trainer. However, it could truly supplement the experience of a good trainer and really enforce what you're learning.

Update! Just had a marketing workshop today where we presented what survey results we had. Out of 110 surveys, only about 25 were in our target market of adults ages 25-44. Only 12 females took the survey. =[

The results yielded the highest purchase intent at a given price of $90 or less. I admit this is rather surprising. If I understand it correctly, a fairly quality glove is around $50-$90. I thought the included technology would surely put our product value above others (if it functions as promised).

I know that most of those in the thread have taken the survey, so is there a particular response anyone has for that?
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