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Default Re: Do You Think Ali Was Scared For The 2nd Liston Fight?

I think Ali's conversion to Islam post Liston I, and subsequent belief in Allah's Will, gave him extra confidence and security over and above his natural ego.

Secondly, Ali was by now the champ and would have benefited from the experience of Liston I, both in terms of knowing he had his man covered, and the actual psychology of being the champ walking into the ring.

Although brashness and big-talking is often a sign of deep seated insecurity I believe Ali to have been a naturally confident man and that by Liston II he was very confident indeed.

Liston was a scary man, but I think Ali loved fighting this kind of opponent, slightly sluggish, and knew he had him covered.

All in all I think Ali was in good mental shape going into Liston II. I also believe him to have been in phenomenal physical shape, and the shortness of the fight robbed us of another Ali-Williams performance....shame.
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