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Default Re: Is Heart The Single Most Important Attribute If A Fighter Is To Become An ATG?

When you are going from great fighter to all time great, you need heart. Not just the ability to fight back from a knockdown, but the ability to absorb punishment and still fire back. When fighting other greats, 9 out of 10 it will get down to an absolute war and you will be put in a life and death situations. If the opponent is an all time great, you will bet he will have a struggle on your hands no matter how good you are.

Look at Ali, Arguably the fastest ever, As good a chin as anyone, extremely powerful, yet without heart, he would have lost to Cooper and maybe never got a shot, Never come back from the Norton broken jaw, never beaten Frazier, never hung tough and beat Foreman. In fact, he would have been just a good to average fighter even with all his great attributes.
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