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Default Re: Klitschko - Tyson

Corrie Sanders hurt every 1 he ever fought except Nate Tubbs and d 1 he fought in 2008 , when aged 42 (Tyson who was of d same age was well retired by then and was shot 5 years earlier) .
Rahman and Vitali were just hurt as opposed 2 badly hurt (and lost) which was d case with d rest of his opponents .
Tyson's only chance of landing anything on Vitali would have been by punching 2d body but Vitali won't just stand there and let him . Same with Tyson vs Valuev . D only men who could b threats 2 prime Vitali were Sanders (who came quite out of shape) , Valuev (if he only bothered 2 train and b motivated and was not reluctant 2 hurt his opponent) , McCline (who most people will favor Vitali 2 beat) , Lewis (and their fight is a NC 2 me) , McCall (late 80s 2 mid 90s) , Michael Grant (who was heavily fouled vs Lewis 2d point of DQ which didn't happen) .
Tyson would have eaten uppercut after an uppercut if he stood close 2 Vitali which was his only chance and only way .
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