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Default Re: Klitschko - Tyson

Originally Posted by Threetime no1 View Post
I find it stupid how some people on here look at the difference in height between a middle-aged Tyson and a prime Vitali and just assume Vitali kicks his ass. Madness.
Tyson was an animal who would give Vitali has much has he can handle, if not more than he could handle.
Let's not forget how weak Vitali's skin is, and how fast a young Tyson punched. That's a recipe for cuts right there.
How long did an old shot Tyson last against LL and then compare how long a prime Vitali lasted against LL.

Vitalis claim to fame...."i was beating (old) Lennox before the fight was stopped."

Well, so was Frank ****ing Bruno!

This is for those who dont seem to remember Tyson in his prime
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