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Default Re: Israeli doctor claims elder Klitschko has Parkinson's disease symptoms

Originally Posted by twopiece View Post
What kind of a bull**** doctor would say something like that about Vitali's punches. He beat the living HELL out of Adamek and was literally toying with him from the first round all the way 'til the stoppage.

Is that doctor a biased Klitschko hater? Sure does seem like it.
No. He's a fan.

Read the article.

Around 1980 or 1981, I remember a British doctor stating that he believed Ali was suffering from early Parkinson's syndrome. He basd his conclusions on comparisons of Ali's (then) speech with recordings from the sixties.

Ali angrily denied the story and called the doctor a fool and a quack.

I remember being ****ed off at the doc too.

A few years later...

Well...we know how it turned out.
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