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Default Re: Who rates higher for you at heavy? Jeffries or Wlad Klitschko?

Jeff for the most part took it easy on his sparring partners or else he'd have none. Plus, that was filmed just 2-3 days before the fight, so naturally he was just getting in a little light work. He was just messing around. You cannot use a friendly spar as a way to gauge him at his best when he is punching to hurt his opponent.

What the uneducated eye might not notice from this clip is that Jeff did not get hit. At just the right moment, he either moved his head, punched, moved away, or lifted his arm up to block or clinch. That's ring generalship that a young pugilist might not appreciate. You can see some of that same head movement used by Dempsey or Frazier.

I don't think Vlad could last 20 rounds, but I know Jeff could. And I know Vlad has been knocked out by much smaller men, men no bigger than Jeffries (Brewster and Purritty), so if they can do it, then I think Jeff could too. And Jeff could fight a much faster pace if he knew it was only 12 rounds. In his prime, despite no mouthpiece, getting hit with 5-ounce gloves, and fighting 20 and 25 round bouts, no one decked him even once, let alone stop him.

So in all honesty, without any bias, I can say that if they were to fight today, my money would be placed on Jeffries.
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