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Default Re: Lets talk about this weeks match ups!!

Originally Posted by MSTR
What can you tell me about Steve Molitor? How tested is he, and what sort of amatuer background did he have? I have seen both Cintron and Walter and Walter is pretty sloppy defensively. Against Cintron this could spell doom, although I think Walter has more heart. If he can make it a rough fight in close maybe Cintron will fold like against Margarito? Most probably not IMO. Cintron is the superior technical fighter. I will be very interested to see how much Gatti and Roy have left. Would love to see Roy come back and win a title or a match against Tito to leave on a high note, and to be honest would just prefer Gatti to retire. A match up with Chavez JR would be a good test though
Ive seen his fight against Hunter and he carved him up.

His record doesnt suggest he is a big puncher but he showed great timing and accuracy to land some nice shots. He certainly showed a bit of pop in that fight. Remember his name around floating around as a very good amateur, think he had about 100 fights.
Ndlovu is tough, should push him hard.

Cintron is really improving out of sight. He is very talented but had little amatuer experience so he is a bit rough around the edges. He should beat the Argie but it wont be easy, its a good solid defence for him.

I think Gatti is that shot and out of his depth at welter that Gomez is a live chance of an upset, Gatti should win but I might put a little coin on Alfonso. Hope Arturo hangs them up soon, he has been such a service to the sport.

Roy is finished, though not huge Roy fan I dont want to see him loose to a fighter like Hanshaw. Johnson was bad enough, he is such a great fighter but his legacy gets badly hurt loosing to guys like that.

Krasniqi is on the verge of shotness, interested to see what he has left. Quite a good boxer but I think the 12x3 game wasnt quite meant for him, not all outstanding amateurs automatically become good pros.
Thompson though isnt outstanding by any means, plus he is pretty old too.
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