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Default Re: If You Have To Do Stricter Testing (OSDT) Once and Fail, What Should Happen?

Originally Posted by Alien View Post
Let's say one of the fighters that Money made do OSDT failed, what should happen immediately and what about after the fight?

Should they be allowed to go back and do regular testing that they can obviously pass for future fights?

Given that they have only done "proper" testing once, and failed, I think that the fighter should have to do extra testing for the rest of his career, out of his own pocket. What do you think?
floyd's "test" wont catch anyone (in the main event fight), if it does, its intentional, like someone wants to cancel the fight:

1. anyone who would really like to cheat can easily beat floyd's "test". its been beaten in the olympics who is arguably more stringent than floyd's. talking about bllood test btw.

2. floyd's fights are megafights. lets just be conservative and say $50m +. promoters and hbo are going to invest lots of money: reservation of venue, press con, usada, ads, etc, etc. lets just say in the $10m + range (purely hypothetical figure).

you think the promoters, hbo would allow someone to test positive prior to the fight and ultimately cancel the fight?

here is what i think will happen and is happening: vitamins, milk shakes, medicine, etc, etc. whatever you put in the fighters mouth, usada will ensure (or the fighters team will ask usada) its not going to result to false positives. if usada isnt sure, they are going to run it thru their system. if it gives positive result, you are goin to be advised to take a different type.

hbo/ promoters cannot afford to lose that kind of money, just because someone tested positive prior to the fight.

my 2cents.
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