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Default Re: K2 and the contracts offered to various fighters......

Originally Posted by ko_bros View Post
Povetkin was about ducking. Simple as that. He was going to get the highest payday of his career and he starts *****ing about gloves? Are you ****ing kidding me? He wanted out, so he just made up a bull**** excuse. Simple as that.

You really are stupid. Adamek in 2010 didn't deserve a shot. Thats why he got a low offer. In 2011 he deserved it and got a great deal. What does this say about the slave contracts?

You're just a hater. An ignorant bri**** who would believe anything to just diss on the Klitschkos.

Klitschkos are like everyone else in boxing. If you dont deserve a shot you, you wont get a good deal. Thats business. Whats so hard to understand here. When guys become mandotaries then they get a full 27 or whatever the purse rules are, when they show that they deserve a shot like Adamek, Klitschko peaks him for a voluntary defense and pays him good.

Once they ran out of opponents they eventually have to offer fights to undeserved opponents like Mormeck, Fury, Tua. But they dont have to pay them what they pay the rest who deserved it.

You forgot Valuev aswell, similar duck job as Povetkin, he was offered 3 million wasn't he?

And that fat unfit piece of **** Solis got paid 1.8 million, what the hell was he complaining about, when did he ever desereve that kind of money? Same goes for Tua, that fat **** had done nothing for 10 years, and didn't deserve a shot. He should've taken what he was offered. He'll never get another title shot now. Most of the guys on that list didn't deserve a shot and should've taken what was offered for the chance. K Bros are the the attractions, the ones selling out stadiums, bringing in sponsors, all of the money.
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