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Default Re: Khan Vs St Clair RBR

Originally Posted by elle
Khan will have an advantage in weight and height - St Clair has fought as low as featherweight and is 5ft 4". Khan is a natural lightweight, looks big at the weight and is 5ft 10".

Whether or nor St Clair can compensate with experience remains to be seen on Feb 2nd but the observations about size are fair.
So what if he has a height advantage. Thats part of his physical assets. This is the same sort of issue as people hating on DLH for being bigger. If they make the weight, they make the weight.

St Clair has fought at 135 quite early in his career. Check his record. The guys weight fluctuates.

Fact is, he is proven from 126 to 140. The man has survived class acts like Dorin, Harris, Baloyi etc He is a quality operator and compiled a nice record.

People just want to pick holes in Khans opponents. Khans path to the top has been perfect...

...other than facing no punchers or Thaxton. Those two things are inevitable though!

Be honest. Khans original opponent was *******s but this one is good.
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