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Default Re: Bayram vs Baysangurov

I had it 115-113 Baysangurov. After 8 rounds he trailed by one point, but he won rounds 9-11 on my card and I had it 10-10 in round 12. I spoke with two from the press row in Köln Arena. They both had it 115-112 for Baysangurov. Baysangurov is only 22, and I think this match is not enough to judge him on. He showed determination against a tough opponent. It is a young age to win an EBU-title though.

Andy Lee was impressive in his fight.

Balog was dissapointing and unsharp. Haven't seen him before. I heard he was a good amateur, but he showed very little saturday night.

Haxhi Krasniqi got a controversial win. We were two who had him losing by one point and one had it a draw. But the judges saw it 59-55, 59-56 and 57-56. Krasniqi had clearly gotten the scores and ran. Butler being a thinking man figured that out and started chasing Krasniqi and opened himself to counter and lost the round. Even if Butler had won the last round and scored a knockdown, he wouldn't have won. The two judges that only had Butler winning one round was a disgrace.


PS. I was at the press meeting. I had been thinking about where Vitali was. He wasn't at ringside as far as I could see. When we left, we almost physically bumbed into him. When 3-4 people saw him and wanted to take photos and get photos, Vitali started to jog and ran inside. What he didn't know was that right inside the door was a crowd of 50-75 ukrainians hoping to get a glimpse of Wladimir
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