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Default Re: Khan Vs St Clair RBR

Originally Posted by daz52
haha im not gairy mate my names darren... is Khan really aggressive i havent seen much of him in oz?
kinda, he stands behind the jab circles a bit throws a left hook or a right hand then makes a quick "charge" to keep you on your guard. technical and speedy but has a great right hand a good left hook.

he has the package, but it's defence which is the problem. he has a great offence as we know of byt destorying sluggers and awkward boxers but he gets hit alot when on the attack similar to zab judah,terry norris or shane mosley all of them have a great ****nal but defence wise they can get hit.

to be frank he's a stalker he uses his reach to keep you at bay while he backs you up and picks his shots.

he's not as bad as people say he is but he is niether the next sugar ray clay jones jr

oh and chin
there is a huge rumor...almost made true by limond that he sufers from the softer jaw. to be honest he got tagged by limond and limond just seemed to piledrive him to the floor. he was knocked down before but it was defintly a slip.

anyways if any boxing fan dislikes a boxer it's usually the soft/glass/china/egg/wet paper jaw thing arises so it's maybe just blind hate
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