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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

I don't think he would dominate him (and don't think I said he could) I just think Changs ability to revert to his loose, mid-range work, his feints, and own durability would mean he'd also have no worries doing the 12.
I actually like Yuh at mid-range. He had a nice jab which helped him set up combinations behind it, and he also had the ring craft and timing to punish and counter his opponent. For example, when Chang would leap in from mid-range with his head up, Yuh could exploit this. Slowing down the pace and being more scientific actually wouldn't benefit Chang, in my opinion.

In terms of conditioning, Chang was such a canny, tiring inside fighter I'm not certain Yuh has the advantage there either. Chang could tie his man up and work with his free hand as good as anyone.
I've seen Yuh throw an inordinate amount of punches from round 1 to 15 on a number of different occasions. How many times did Chang have to do this? I take Lora's point seriously as he clearly knows his stuff, but the fact remains Chang was extremely tired after 10 rounds against an inferior fighter to Yuh in Jorge Cano. The pace wasn't even particuarly punishing in that one.

Would it be a great fight? Yes. I just favour Chang, I don't really favour many against him on his best day to be honest, not even many Flys (he effectively beat the no.1 at Fly way past his best...although whether or not Sot still should've been recognised at that point is another question entirely)
Favouring him is fine, but it's because he's more talented and a higher level operator? I'm not sure. Why would Chang get the better of the exchanges? If it's a long grueling fight, what seperates Chang from Yuh? Yuh had better ring craft than Chang, in my opinion, so why would it benefit him to slow things down and work from mid-range?

What would you say Yuhs best win was? Blanco?
Well he ultimately beat every man he ever faced so I'm not sure. Let me think about it.
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