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Default Re: Is Heart The Single Most Important Attribute If A Fighter Is To Become An ATG?

Originally Posted by JohnThomas1
For whatever purse Roy got? I'm damn sure i would, the hospital bills wouldn't be that much.

I get your point and do agree whoever steps into the ring has great heart for sure, but we're talking the best of the best here and comparing them to their peers (not John Doe/Thomas on the street), splitting hairs if need be. A Camacho isn't going to be put on e level with Saad or Chacon, for example.
Yeah, true...I know what you are on about. Jones fought guys much bigger than him and those who could knock him out. Whilst it is not apparent (on face value) that his heart may not have been severly tested. I believe it has by taking some of the fights he took. Sometimes it takes more than a champion's heart to get up from a vicious punch like the one from Taver. That was a massive left hook. Ability to absorb punishment helps.

I seem to recall a line from The Power of One (the movie/book that got me started in boxing)... First, with the head and then with the heart. So, yeah a heart of a champion is required for sure.
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