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Default Re: Do you think hatton is 'exciting'?

My pick would be Hatton, but Witter does have a chance, it's not a fight I would bet any money on

Hatton is a smart fighter, Mayweather fight aside. He knows the less time he spends on the end of his opponents inevitably longer reach, the less he gets hit. So he lunges in, goes to work, and then holds until the ref breaks it up. That's the only way he can fight, and that's what he will do against Witter

Witter would be cautious early on, as usual. He would look to potshot, and catch Hatton as he comes in and he'd probably give away rounds to the more active Hatton. However, ironically I see his best chance being later on, for a man that has been criticized for his stamina. Hatton's stamina is definitely not what it was either. It doesn't matter who you are, if you are tired and start walking onto Witter's counters it's good night

Hatton UD
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