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Default Re: Klitschko - Tyson

Originally Posted by Boilermaker View Post
Except billiards. I imagine any sport that used to be popular and professional but no longer is would be the same. As opposed to sports where they have always been professional. It might also be interesting to see what would happen to modern athletes if the equipment and conditions went backwards as it happens nin boxing where Gloves are now much bigger, surfaces grippy and soft, shoes dont even have spikes anymore. It would be good to see the times of a modern cyclist if he had to ride a malvern star or Usain bolt running down a grass track with bear feet and no blocks. It would bring things back to the field quite a bit.

Good points - but in heavyweight boxing there are other factors, especially unlimited size allowed, and years ago very large men who were also top athletes were very rare, most heavyweights weighing in well under 200. Also the most salient factor, which they deliberately ignore in places like this, was that back in the days of their hyped up American "world champions" Russians and eastern Europeans, as well as others who compete now, such as black Africans, were not participating. They are now, and the results are very obvious.

But you can't even engage in intelligent debate on a dumbed down place like this as you just get 95% nitwits calling names and chanting their mantras, like what you see above.

And as per the greatly increased size of modern heavyweights, boxing is long long overdue for additional weight classes up on top - and less weight classes down on the bottom for the little squirts who have silly classifications separtaed by 2 or 3 or 4 measley pounds. But that falls on deaf ears too, because it's not just boxing forums that are overun with nitwits, it's boxing management as well, nitwits and gangsters.
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