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Default Re: The Official Cung Le in the UFC Express! Destination Anderson Silva.

Originally Posted by Count Pacula View Post
Threads like this are funny. But I'm not gonna rub it in. As I was watching Le fight Silva, I started laughing at the fact that Le isn't good at anything but kicks (which don't always land).

Cung Le: old, fat, not dedicated, one dimensional, has **** stamina, has suspect chin, terrible defense, no ground game.

Just calling it like it is. Kinda feel bad for the guy. He does have a very dynamic style, it's too bad he is so limited. I do hope he somehow improves his game and makes noise in the UFC if it's not too late for him. He's an old guy so it will be an uphill climb.
he made Wanderlei look like vintage Axe Murderer (when he was finishing him at least) so I was happy. I like Cung Le and all since he's a hometown hero but I always thought he was over rated.

Those knees Wandy was throwing was a beautiful thing though. Makes me miss the good ol' Pride days.
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