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Default Re: Say Hendo Finds a Way to Defeat Bones

Originally Posted by MetalMandible View Post
He showed terrific Mandibular Fortitude against Jones, as well, and you'll never see me say anything different. The guy apparently can't be put out by strikes to the head and the only reason Jones stopped him was because he went to the body, something Hendo neglected when he had him hurt and up against the cage standing stationary with a high guard. Had Hendo stopped bombing that granite block with uppercuts and hooks and thrown to the liver, I believe he could have ended it.

Shogun IS a superhuman Iron-chinned Warrior. He's taken brutal bombs in multiple fights without ever being stopped proper by shots to the head. Bisping, on the other hand, went out from the very same punch that flattened Shogun in the third and he's hurt every time a punch grazes that Fragile Glass Mandible, clearly a discrepancy in Mandibular Fortitude. Glass Jaws exist, as do Iron Chins, and last night proved it. You're ignoring the obvious if you choose to continue pursuing this errant train of thought.
Jones didn't stop him, he quit. He tapped from strikes. He gave up, he waved the white flag, he said 'No Mas' He refused to go out on his shield and took the cowards way out. He's a no good heartless bum and has no place in the octagon. He is a disgrace and for you to say otherwise is ridicullous.

For the record I don't belive any of the above to be true but do you see how easy it is to be a complete ****? We could all do it but you're the only one that choses to. Now, again, **** off.
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