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Default Re: Let's Make A List Of The Steroid Cheating Disgraces In Boxing

Originally Posted by irishny View Post
Tyson and a host of others have been caught for weed, but thats not really the same.

I think the "everyone is on steroids" thing is massively overdone.

Steroids are taken to improve strength and size. Most boxers DONT want that,becaue there is weight categories.

Theres other type of PEDs,but then again, I dont go along with the "they're all on it" **** I hear.

Taking those things in weight lifting, sprinting and other power sports makes a big difference. Not so much in boxing,and like I said there's even negative aspect to taking steroids for boxing.

Its no co-incidence that most of the people in boxing who have been caught for steroids are heavyweights,because they can afford to put on bulk.
Don't know a damn thing about steroids, do you? No worries, you're in the same boat with alien and vast majority of posters on this site.
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