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Default Re: Who deserves the next shot at Jones more: Hendo or Rashad?

Originally Posted by jimmie View Post
Id say Hendo deserves it more but give it to Rashad. I dont like how Dana promises title shots to guys then goes back on it use Carlos Condit as an example. Rashad was the #1 contender after defeating Rampage and that was a year and half ago, hes beat Ortiz since then give the guy the shot that hes been promised for along time. Hendo needs to sit back and rest after this fight anyway that was a war and you could see how dehydrated Hendo looked after the fight, it really took its toll.
Yeah, so why does being the number 1 contender 18 months ago mean you stay as the number 1 contender forevermore?

Rashad was awarded number 1 contender status by Dana, even though it's doubtful he ever deserved it for two dull and largely underwhelming decision wins over Thiago Silva (never a top 5 fighter) and a rusty-as-hell toothless version of Rampage.

Being number 1 contender is not the same as being champion, it's not the same at all. A champion keeps his title unless he loses it in the Octagon, but "number 1 contender" is not a title, it's a position awarded to whoever is in the best position at the time a decision is made. Rashad was (debatably) in the best position 18 months ago, but he isn't now. Simple as that. Hendo has superseded him, so Hendo should be the number 1 contender, not Rashad. That's how contendership works. Rashad missed his chance(s) and now should have to get back in line until he earns it again - by doing what he hasn't done since he lost his title - convincingly and impressively defeating a top 5 fighter in his division!

Completely different situation to Carlos Condit.
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