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Default Re: Let's Make A List Of The Steroid Cheating Disgraces In Boxing

Originally Posted by Peril View Post
Don't know a damn thing about steroids, do you? No worries, you're in the same boat with alien and vast majority of posters on this site.
Id say Id know more than you.

Im just not one of these nuts who jumps on the bandwagon and say "everyones on steroids"

I hope you're not one of those people who thinks everyone with a six pack and some muscle definition is on riods. They'ere the most annoying people known to man.

STEROIDS help a person recover faster and help explosive events, events where mass and strength are important.

You'll never see a marathon runner on steroids, or a tour de france cyclist.

You may see them on EPO or various other PEDs, but not STEROIDS which is what the TS is talking about.

And since boxing is more of an endurance sport than one that primarily relys on power,strength and muscle mass, I dont see why steroids would be rampant in the sport.
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