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Default Re: Let's Make A List Of The Steroid Cheating Disgraces In Boxing

Originally Posted by Alien View Post
These absolute disgraces enganger the lives of their opponents with the extra strength and stamina from their illegal PED use.

It is our duty as boxing fans to ridicule these disgraces and highlight their PED use. These frauds are a black mark on boxing and deserve to have an asterisk next to their records.

Here are some off the top of my head.

Vitali Klitschko
James Toney
Roy Jones Jr
Fernando Vargas
Shame Mosley
Tommy Morrison

Which other boxers have used steroids? List them here.

first of all, let me just say salutations to alien on what is a wonderfull thread topic that is continually ignored by delusional, brainwashed, ignorant ****s throughout esb

every single boxer on aliens thoroughly researched list is an absolute disgrace

these are boxers who feel the need to cheat because they are not confident to beat their opponents off a level playing field

do we really think that the disgracefull fighters on that list only took PED'S on the occasions they were caught

every single boxer on that list should have their entire career dismissed and wiped off record

every single fighter on that list is an equally as bigger disgrace as margarito for his loaded gloves

the only people who make me more sick than the boxers on aliens list are the delsuional fanboys on this forum that continue to sweep this drug cheating under the carpet and pretend it never happenned
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