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Default How much do fighter's personalities matter in your enjoyment of matchups/cards?

Is there a cap on how much you can enjoy the fight, if you really don't give a **** about whether either of the men involved succeed or fail?

Most fights are not incredibly dramatic or technical masterclasses. Most fights are more or less standard fights, with skill levels a good deal lower than the real top-level matchups.

So when I'm watching a standard, not particularly exciting or dramatic fight with two fighters who I don't know anything about, I don't get so invested.

Anyone find the same? A fighter might have a style that you don't generally go for, but you like the way he puts himself across and so you find yourself cheering him on?

And do you enjoy the fight more if the guy who is getting his ass kicked has been irritating you for the last weeks/months/years with his ****ish personality?

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