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You could see it either two ways.

A better win than first thought because he stopped Shogun and Shogun didn't exactly look amazing in the Hendo fight, I'd say he looked more similar to the Shogun in this fight than the Forrest or Machida fights (I believe this is because of the damage Shogun took rather than his physical state coming into the fight)


A lesser win than originally believed due to Shogun being beatable and Hendo showing that, proving he's not this tour de force everyone thinks he is. Styles make fights, they say.

Myself, I think both have some truth to them so it's still pretty much the same level I thought it was in the first place, a great win. Would it have gone any different had Shogun not came out of surgery? I really don't think so, but maybe more people would be inclined to give him more credit if that'd been the case.
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