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Default Re: Bader vs Brilz.. what the??

Originally Posted by Primate View Post
Do people know the difference between 'the temple' and 'behind the ear'? Because people were saying that Cain got hit in the temple, and now this with Brilz being hit on the temple. Does it mean different things in different countries? The temple is the soft spot, on the side of your head, next to your eye. Behind the ear, curiously enough, sits just behind the ear.

Getting hit behind the ear can very easily turn out your lights. Just give yourselves a quick smack at the top of the neck/bottom of the skull, just behind the ear there and see how it feels. Now imagine someone is swing a rock of a right hand at that exact same spot with bad intentions.
Yes, being hit on the temple can ruin your equilibrium. Being hit behind the ear can turn out your lights. Or it can just really ring your bell and make you feel incredibly sick for a moment. Either way, it loses you the fight.

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