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Default Re: Who deserves the next shot at Jones more: Hendo or Rashad?

Originally Posted by Thom View Post
Henderson has worked himself up pretty high in the rankings, but I'd rather see Rashad against Jones first based on styles. The only way that Henderson wins this fight is if Jones ****s royally and allows himself to be smashed in the face. That's assuming that he even has a crackable chin. Nobody really knows how good his chin is. His reaction (or lack there of) to being hit in his early fight proves that it's at least average. There are conflicting reports about whether or not Rashad has Jones' number in the grappling department based on their time spent training together at Jackson's.
How exactly does Rashad match up better with Jones stylistically?

Rashad is a wrestler with mediocre stand-up, merely decent power, and a bona fide Glass Jaw.

Jon Jones is basically the same fighter except brilliant in all areas and much bigger.

Henderson is a wrestler with awesome power and a granite chin in the stand-up stakes.

Jon Jones handled good wrestlers like Bader and Hamill with alarming ease, of course he'd do the same to Rashad. Henderson brings something to this fight, Rashad doesn't, other than a big mouth and a lot of unsubstantiated gossip about "one day in training years ago".
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