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Default Re: Mateusz Masternak has signed with Sauerland

Originally Posted by lzolnier View Post
Izu was born in Poland and has spent his entire lifetime there, no doubt absorbing its people, history, and culture. He is Polish through and through, with a little twist (that being his Nigerian ancestry). Sure its unusual for Poles to think of someone non white as Polish, after almost two centuries of strife, forced upon isolation and the self induced xenophobia that came as a result, but let's not forget that Poland was the most multi ethnic and multi religous kingdom in all of Europe (at the height of its influence I might add) and this included a sizable black muslim population in the tatry mountains. So I would argue that what is "naturally" considered Polish for the last little while (i.e., a white slavic-catholic dude) is superficial and inconsistent with most of Polish history and therefore its roots. This definition is gradually reverting back to what it used to be (to the anger of some), with guys like Izu and his fellow Nigerian born John Godson, the first black lawmaker in Rzeczpospolita.
Being Nigerian is not a "little twist". For a country that almost 97% ethnically Polish, its a big twist. Majority of people in Poland are racist, I have a hard time believing that Izu is accepted by most as being Polish. Look at the way gypsies are treated and they have been in Poland for centuries. Do you believe majority thinks that Gypsies are Polish?

I also have a hard time believing that this sizable black muslim population was integrated or accepted into Polish society as Jews were murdered and needed special protection from the King. Do you believe that majority thinks Jews are Polish?

You speak of Poland and its Golden Age.... At this time, Nationality did not exist. Nationalism came to rise in the 19th century. You can not compare a pre nationalistic society to a post nationalistic one. In those past times, you related to the town you were from, not with you're nation

Poland will never be like western countries, who are filled with shame and guilt for enslaving many people and are too afraid to say anything negative about foreigners.
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