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Default Re: Anderson vs. Hendo @ 205

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
We have only seen Silva twice at 205, and in both efforts he was very dominant.

It has become abundantly clear that Hendo performs much better at his natural weight, rather than cutting to 185. Especially at his advanced age.

How do you see this fight going down at 205?
Its honestly not a relevant fight IMO

And ill tell you why , on paper Henderson should be ranked close to #1 P4P with the momentum he has , but that isnt the reality !!! , the reality is , is that he is a solid well rounded extremely tough talented fighter , but he's never going to be an elitist , Anderson Silva is the elite of the sport , if Henderson was 30 and he posessed the skills he has today (and not wrestling in the olympics) we'd be talking a different scenario , because the desire to win and the mental and physical toughness he has would probably be too much for anyone to handle , the man's 41 , he gasses heavily in fights that go past the 2nd round , he does not posess the conditioning at his age for the Anderson's and Jones's of the world , and i think he's lucky that Shogun is a shell of the athlete he was , because if he wasnt he'd of finished Hendo inside the 1st 2 rounds IMHO , all by the by and hypotherical i know but its my opinion .

I dont want to shadow his acheivements here , not at all , in fact i actually picked Dan to beat Shogun before the fight , and the fight was epic , sheer brilliance , but anyone who suggests that Henderson or Shogun are capable of winning title's in the UFC are wrong

Id like to see these 2 have 4 - 5 months off to heal up and forget about the agony there in now and go again , Henderson Shogun 2 gets my vote
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