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Default Re: Big Daddy's Boxing Log - The making of a legend.

What I love and respect about boxing...

I think that it is the toughest sport out there. The time, dedication, work, punishment and sacrifice that go into just being average are so much more than or baseball.

Boxing is something you ultimately do in the ring, alone. Your own courage, tenacity and heart are what get you through a round, whether its sparring or a world championship.

Boxing is an on giong self improvement project that you can't ever complete. No matter how hard you train, will you ever be too fast? Too strong? Have too much endurance? No. You won't.

Boxing isn't about competing with an opponent, its about competing with yourself.

Raising the bar of difficulty and then pushing yourself to rise to the occasion. Adapting and overcoming adversity that you intentionally put in your own path, just to test yourself.

The confidence you get from knowing your own limitations is the payoff. Feeling good, looking better, being healthier and knowing that you can protect yourself or others are just icing on the cake.

Now, get off the damn computer and get your ass to the gym. New challenges are waiting for you there.
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