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Default UFC 132: Cruz v Faber fight is the most significant fight in MMA

The Cruz v Faber dight I think is the most significant fight in MMA history, not because of the MMA fight or significant for the sport of MMA but because ''Mega Celebrity'' The Bieber was there


All MMA fights to date has been of local importance, this fight leapt out of the sporting arena into the political antenna and plunked itself as a regionally significant event. ALL newsagencies around the world seems to have covered what happened.


After the fight, our glorious leader, Danan White, literally had words to say
"You guys are going to laugh at this one, but me, [UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta] and ****** Bieber had scored that fight, and I actually had [Siver] winning the fight," UFC president Dana White shared at the post-event press conference. "I gave him the first and third, and there's no doubt who won the 2ndRound.
"I think it's a little tough. Again, I'd have to go back and watch it, but Bieber and Lorenzo had it going the other way."
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